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This is Software Field Notes, a newsletter about Software Engineering and Research.

In a previous life, I was pursuing software research and writing research papers — mostly in software automation and visualization. Since then, for personal reasons, I went to work as an engineer at a for-profit software company.

But software still continues to be complex, and engineering it remains a tricky affair. After a few years of working, and following the happenings in the software industry, I am evermore convinced that automating and visualizing aspects of software engineering are indispensable tools for developers and their teams.

As such, I am taking up the task of getting back to research in my spare time — late nights, weekends, holidays. I plan on collecting data from open source projects, and asking questions whose answers will be useful to engineers. I will report those answers (backed by the data I collect) in these “field notes.”

I will not source any content in these notes using my employer’s time or resources. The views I express, the data I collect/report, and questions are ask are mine, and mine alone. They do not represent my employer or its positions on anything.

If you have questions or feedback, please reach out on Twitter @vkrishnapalepu. At that point, subscribing to this Substack may not be a terrible idea 🙂

Hopefully, I do not waste anyone’s time.

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